Thursday, March 27, 2014

Q U E S T {youth weekend}

At our church they're always doing events specifically designed for students. Constantly

And I think it's pretty awesome. 

A few weeks ago they had an event they call Quest. It's a weekend full of worship, fellowship and community service. 

This was my first experience volunteering for Quest. And I'm definitely glad I did. 

If you've ever been to any kind of student event, you know how awesome it is. They seem to "let go" more. They worship more freely and seem more open in discussions. I think sometimes kids are a little too scared to ask some of the tough questions when their parents are around. So when they get away like this, they ask stuff like "What happens if someone has never heard about Jesus and they die? Will they go to Heaven?" or "How do we know there is a God?"

To give you kinda a rundown of what happens at Quest - we left the church in buses... and lots of em... on Friday evening and headed to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. When we got there, we had to hustle to our rooms, drop our stuff and get over to the worship service. 

If you've been to Opryland Hotel, you know it's a really big place. And my group had a hard time navigating all its nooks and crannies. 
But we weren't the only ones. ;-) 

The worship service Friday night kicked off with Rhett Walker Band leading us in worship. It was great. But the first night is always a little tight. I guess everyone hasn't really settled in yet. The minister who shared from the Bible and preached was awesome. There were lots of students who responded and one girl in my group gave her life to Jesus. :-)

After service we all went back to our rooms to have some discussion about the message we had heard in the service. Small group time. It's always good to get in a smaller group and kinda talk through things, make sure everyone got something from it. 

Saturday was a packed day. Devotion time and worship in the morning followed by a quick lunch on the bus on our way to the service projects. Some were tasked with clean up duties, landscaping, and painting, etc. But our group collected cans of food for our church's canned food bank for those in need. We pounded the pavement knocking on doors and smiling at strangers as we asked for donations. There was a really cool thing that happened with my group and you can read about it here on our church's website - God's multiplication

That night we had another worship service and a dozen or so students were baptized (they had been saved during the weekend). It was so awesome to see students committing their lives to Christ in front of all their friends. 

Sunday morning we headed back to our campuses to be in service as a group. It was the perfect way to end a God-filled weekend.

Here are a few pics ~ 
 I never get tired of seeing a room full of students worshipping 

: Devotion time :
It was cool seeing the girls reading the scripture and taking notes

These young ladies really blessed me. 
It was an honor to spend the weekend with them worshipping, learning more about God and serving our community. 

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