Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kerby's birthday party - -

15 year old hunk
If you know me or you've hopped on my blog this year, you know my nephew Kerby. And that he used to be in Haiti before he was adopted by my brother Jonathan and his wife Michelle (who already have a son and daughter both in their 20s).  

On December 7th, he turned 15. He doesn't really look or act like a typical American 15 year old though. And that's fine with me. ;-) He'll have plenty of time to be a typical teen soon enough.

Some cruel person in my family thought trick candles were appropriate. I assume it was my retarded brother. Kerby didn't seem to mind and he's a prankster anyway so...

On to the gifts... 
Kerby loves the Boston Celtics. More specifically, he likes Rajon Rondo. Probably because Rondo played for UK (Kentucky) in college. And my brother and most of my family is obsessed with some Wildcats. . .  

When Anthony and I were shopping for Kerby's birthday gift, we initially considered one thing, then Anthony found a Nerf basketball hoop that lights up in the dark. So I text my brother to ask if he had one first, and second to see if they would kill us for getting it. 
The text exchange went something like this -  - 
Me: Do you think Kerby would like putting a model car together?
My bro: Yeah maybe. He loves that sort of thing.
Me: We just found a cool Nerf bball goal that lights up at night.
My bro: Lol He already has a Nerf goal that he thoroughly drives us crazy with. But it has no lights. Thank God.
Me: So does that mean don't get it? Lol Anth thinks it's awesome!
My bro: Of course he does.
Me: We are the ones with no kids, remember? We like to get obnoxious toys!
My bro: Paybacks are rough you know.
Me: Ha
My bro: Let's think this through shall we? We want a kid with zero common sense to have a goal whose use is best used when it is dark and the subject is black. Hmm
Me: I'm laughin my head off. It's in the cart and being purchased shortly. Deal.
My bro: You are a but thread. You know that right. 
My bro (2 seconds later): Head. Butt head. 

So when Kerby opened said Nerf goal, he loved it and the other boys did, too... 
I love this candid pic of Anthony telling Kerby he was the one who picked out his gift. 

Michelle's uncle has a running joke with Kerby about liking Barbie dolls... so they wrapped one up as a joke... 
     It went like this - - 

Commence opening Nerf goal with lights !!! 
always a good sign when the recipient opens your gift and plays with it at the party he he he 

Cousins and the pup - so cute!

The grandkiddos on MY side of the fam 
so nice to have Caleb home !!

and the grandkiddos on Michelle's side of the fam

I hope Kerby and Kerlandy are as happy to be in our family as we are to have them in our family... 

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