Saturday, November 3, 2012

a low key Halloween

At work this year, we didn't have a party. So I didn't win first prize. And my dad didn't build me a 4 ft tall bird cage. You know you're curious... Read about it here.

So this year I kept it low key and did a last minute throw together costume. 

I went as Paula Deen.
you know she loves some butter y'all 

Yes, that's my hair - I just poofed it and sprayed it with that cheap Halloween hair spray (the white color). I actually had SEVERAL people tell me I'll look pretty when I go gray someday. A day I hope is far, far FAR away. 

A couple of my pals at work were scheming to try to wear jeans on a non-jeans day. Success!! 

My buddy Brandi loves her some Avengers... 
(she recycled some of the stuff she used for her daughter's birthday party.. of course not the tshirt)

A lady down the hall was a biker chic... said she just pulled some things out of her closet. She's a bike rider with her hubby. 

This is Bridget... she's not doin too well LOL 
   it's my hairstylist's mom

On to trick or treat time...

Our church had a big humongo County Fair thing with games, rides, prizes and live music and OF COURSE FREE CANDY, so since me and Anth have no children, we didn't go :-P 

Instead, we hung out with my inlaws to help with handing out candy to the trick or treaters. But it turned out to be a small number. As in THREE. Three little trick or treaters. 

Ashley brought her girls by (that's one of Anthony's cousins)

And Riley, I mean CAPTAIN AMERICA stopped by 

Next year we may show up in somebody's yard in one of those neighborhoods where they practically bus the kids in so we can just see a buncha kiddos. Livin in the country you just don't get enough trick or treaters. . . 

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