Sunday, October 28, 2012

a play date with Riley

A play date with Riley was loooong overdue. 

Back in late spring when I went to watch Riley play soccer, he pointed to me and said play date, soon! But for one reason or another, we never seemed to get a date worked out. :-(

But the other day he came over to play. He always brings toys and we play non-stop!

Right after his mom walked out the door he looked around at his pile of ten thousand action figures and said "I can't find my Wolverine mask."

I said "your what?"

He said "my Wolverine mask." Pretty sure he wasn't getting that Lyndy doesn't know what or who a wolverine is. Lol 

I asked "what's that?" and he said "it's a child size mask that I can wear. I'm so disappointed."

Thankfully no tears. He was mature about it. :-P 

Our indoor fun included some daredevil moves... 
     flying boy ahead - - 
by this point he was brave flying boy 

We also played with his race cars and speed track. You know boys and their cars! Shucks, with two older brothers I played with em as much as my Barbies and dolls. The kitchen counter became a track. 

We also went outdoors to play since it was a pretty nice day, but it ended up being a bit chilly with the wind, so our play was cut short.

Another funny/cute Riley story - he wanted to go into the bedroom. And of course I knew why. Every kid deserves to jump on the bed once in a while. He jumped and jumped. 

While jumping and saying boing and woo and doing karate kicks he asked "have you ever tried this Lyndy, when you were a kid? I have, a thousand times."

Then, he jumped again, said this is great, woo hoo, did some more karate kicks and said "all this jumping has made me thirsty" as he climbed down from the bed. 

Funny kid.

Riley loves the Hawaii Five-O theme song so he asked Anthony to play it for him on his phone. This has been kinda their thing for about a year. :-P
How presh is this?!  
 sure do love this boy!