Sunday, September 23, 2012

Women's Half Marathon (Nashville) results - the brief version

Here's Angela and me - fresh faced and sweatless before the big race yesterday

Pretty sure you can tell by my expression that I was not fully awake at this point. Me and getting up at 4:30 just don't  belong together in the same sentence, k? Ima need you to know that.

We started and finished at the Country Music Hall of Fame. . . a cool Nashville landmark

My official finish time was 2 hours 27 minutes and 55 seconds.   
CLICK HERE for my official race result posted on the internet. As in forever. 
Be impressed. Be very impressed.

I really was proud of my finish time because I shaved off ~12 minutes from my finish in the Country Music Marathon back in April. 

More details later, but this chic right here is part of the reason I was faster this time around. This was HER FIRST half marathon. She finished ~3 1/2 minutes ahead of me. I'm so proud of her!

Here we are POST RACE - and lookin pretty good dontcha think... considering we had been running for two and a half hours in the sunshine... 

Thanks for the memories Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon
September 22, 2012
Angela and I made some memories doing your race!
And burned a lotta calories he he he 

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