Friday, August 17, 2012

what's up paper cup? Random nothingness this week

I'm on a random kick. HA!

This week has been a pretty ordinary week. For us... But this fella had himself a birthday. 

my father-in-law

This here's the card Anthony got him ~ 
And the inside said:
Being one day older only matters if you're a banana

At the inlaws' house the kiddos like to mark their heights at each birthday. 

And Anthony felt the need to add his some time ago.... 
     I think it's cute. 

In other random news, I made my boss laugh so hard today she couldn't see. Yeah, laughin' tears. (Them's the best kind ain't they?)

And on the way out of our work campus today I had to honk the horn at a duck crossing the road in front of one of our buildings. When I honked, the little brat literally froze. As in I eventually just drove around him. Silly duck! 

I bought a couple new pair of Nike shorts this week. Pumped! I love deals! $14.99 a pair ain't too shabby. I just wish I could find shirts I dig. I think I'm too picky.

Gotta run - need to carb load for tomorrow's 10 mile run with Angela :o) 

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