Sunday, May 13, 2012

How we do Mother's Day

Mother's Day kinda started for us on Saturday, or Mother's Day Eve ya might say. :-P

Saturday morning I took Mom to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Big shock, right? But the Barrel has the best breakfast. I've always thought that. After chowin down we did a bit of shopping. We <3 Ross and Mom needed a new coffee pot so thank ya Target for comin through for us.

Saturday night we went to a local catfish joint with Anthony's mom, stepdad & sis . It was yummy! And we laughed and carried on so much at the dinner table I bet the people around us thought we were crazy. It was just one of those nights.

Sunday morning I text my mom "Happy Mother's Day" cuz she was at a faraway church where Dad started a revival.

These two little coots were at church with us though. And that made me :o) 
I may not be a mom, but I'm a pretty darn good AUNT!

It's always a big debate about who's gonna sit by who. Kerby always wants the seat by Anthony. I guess it's a guy thing. Kerlandy usually wants to be with me. I'm down with that. 

During church Kerlandy put chapstick on her baby doll's lips. And lotion on her little plastic arms. 2 cute. 2 funny. 
She also kept her arm around me during most of worship time. 2 sweet.

Sunday night we headed out to the faraway church to hear Dad preach at the revival. It was really good.

And we brought Mom home. School's not out yet and those kiddos hafta eat, so she's gotta work.

Me and my mom 
I am so blessed!

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