Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to Dullville, I mean the normal routine

Well, the marathon is over. :-(

Is there such a thing as post-race depression? 

I took 10 days off - no running whatsoever. I only made one trip to the gym in those 10 days. Did the bike. (yawn) 

So this past Wednesday, I felt the need. The need for speed. I ran 2.4 miles in the neighborhood across from my gym on my lunch hour. It's been gorgeous here this week and I just couldn't resist. 

Then last night, I had that urge again. It was like my Saucony running shoes were saying "please, please... take us outta this smelly gym bag! We want to run with you!" So I went. 3 miles I ran. It felt so good.

I'm currently trying to talk no less than 4 of my buds into doing the Women's Half in September with me. Lol We'll see. I think my best shot right now is Angela. This will be her first. If....

Ok, no more running talk.

My <3 is sad because The Biggest Loser is over. Good job Jeremy. I wanted Kim to win though. Let's face it - a single mom needs as Allison calls it "a quarter of a million dollars" more than a young dude. But props to Jeremy. That joker lost more than 50% of his body weight. Um wow.

American Idol is losing cool points for a lotta reasons. I'm mad that you dorks out there didn't keep Colton Dixon in it. He shoulda won. He's from Tennessee (like me) and he's our friend Clint's cousin. Bummer. Bummer for sure.

Survivor is not panning out like I expected, but it's been a good season. I've been watching since season 2 pretty religiously. (sigh) I need to get a hobby, huh?

The new boss still seems pretty good. We have some personality similarities. And we kinda work the same, too. Should be a pretty good fit. (whew)

Tuesday night we took the inlaws to the Grand Ole Opry. More on that in a separate post. It was kinda for Anthony's mom's birthday and Mother's Day. And it was f-u-n. 

I wrote my nephew Caleb a letter today. He's in South Cackalacky doing basic training. I hope he writes back. Army guy.

The other night we got to see Kerby and Kerlandy at Mom & Dad's house for a bit. Kerby met us at the door, basketball in hand. Anthony obliged. Kerlandy jumped up into my arms and clung to me. I'm talkin legs wrapped around me and everything! We played Barbies. They are too stinkin lovable. 

I'm taking my sweet lil momma to breakfast tomorrow morning for Mother's Day. We may do a bit of shopping, too. On Mother's Day she's gonna be at a revival Dad's starting so I figured we'd just celebrate a day early. 

AND THAT'S A WRAP, YA HEAR? Talk atcha later. 

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