Friday, March 2, 2012

Update on my dad

The serious stuff
In a nutshell, he had a bulging disc in his lower back and he's gotta be in the hospital about 4 days.
I reckon they shoved it back over where it belongs and put a cage around it. Maybe some kind of spacer, too cuz there was a nerve getting smushed because of the bulging, off to the side disc situation. Stop misbehaving little disc!
The funny stuff
When you come out of surgery, the meds do a lotta talkin ya know... and my dad's a NUT CASE normally anyway. So when he gets the meds, it's always entertaining.
~I'm looped (said multiple times).
~They gave me some goofy stuff.
~I saw some weird stuff in the recovery room when I was wakin up.
~Someone asked him (in recovery) what he had done. His response - I think they tied my tubes.
~I haven't been this drunk since I was a sinner.
~Gimme a cigarette (mind you he hasn't smoked since the 70s)
~Boy, you talk about sore.... Shazam!
~I wanna know somethin (said over and over, but he'd go back to sleep before we could figure out what he wanted to know)
~Mom told him - your breath stinks! He said - I ate a skunk.
~A nurse came in and checked one of his she left the room he called out to her - come back when you can stay longer !
~When the night nurse came in to check some things Anthony and I ended up leaving the room when she started talking about looking at his incision, etc. When we came back in Dad asked Mom where did Lyndy and Anthony go? Did they leave? I spoke up and said we're here, we just went out in the hall cuz I didn't wanna see your crack. He said well, it looks just like everybody else's. I said well I didn't wanna see it. He said I saw yours when you were a little bitty thing. 
He's doing therapy and walking, sitting up in a chair, etc. a little each day. 
I'm really hopin he's done with the surgery scene. In the last several years, he's had both his knees replaced, heart bypass & both eyes operated on. I'm thinkin when he gets to Heaven they won't bother with giving him a "new body" cuz it seems to me he's gotten his here on Earth. Lol No double dippin Dad..uh uh no

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