Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Saturday night we had a good time hangin' out with Clint & Kyla 
Remember... October beach wedding... this here's the newlyweds sans their adorable son who was being spoiled by his nana & papa

On Sunday  the old worship gang had a reunion tour of sorts, albeit a one day tour, but I digress...
 good times, good times
Doesn't my nephew look dashing in his suit & tie?! 
I told him he would probably have a girlfriend by the time church was over. He said noooo.
I hate to post a pic that's outta focus (shame on me) but these kids are so.darn.cute. 
They're in public school now. I think it's been three weeks already and they're both doing well. Kerby says his fave thing is geometry (um wow) and Kerlandy is sailing through all her spelling tests. Amazing seeing as how she knew very little English when she came here from Haiti merely 9 weeks ago. 

My dad is having back surgery tomorrow so say a prayer if ya will. 

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