Sunday, January 22, 2012

what what? weekend wonders

Should've gotten up to get my run in before setting out for an all day Scrapbook Day with my girls at work, but the bed was way too comfy. Eh.

I'm really behind on my scrapbooking, so it was great to work on it with my buds. We share supplies and gadgets so that makes it nice, plus the company is great. 

We scrapped from about 9:30 til 4:30. Whew. When I got home from that, I did my 2.5 mile run (in 27 minutes btw) and then grabbed a quick shower before heading out to dinner with my man and our pal Bridgett. 

Today we went to church where Mom and Dad go. 

You may recognize these little sweetie pies... 

And Caleb said 84 days til he's off to basic training... yeah, he's joining the army I reckon. 
Kerlandy sat between Nanny and Pa Pa during church, but she looked back at us a bunch with her big ole sweet smile. 
Kerby sat with us, as in between me and Anthony. Apparently he keeps reminding his mom and dad that he wants to go to Uncle Anthony's house to play games. We gotta get that scheduled ASAP.
Went to lunch after church with friends, then I headed off to a baby sprinkle. Yeah, as in not quite a SHOWER, but just a sprinkle... tee hee
It's a gonna be a BOY and he's gonna be named Sawyer. I like the name, don't you? Of course I dig unique names.
Jen's friend Teresa made this after she saw it on Pinterest. She figured out how to do it on her own, and it was FAB. Those rolled up thingies are diapers. 
Notice the name across the top?! Nice touch. 
H U G S 
Big sis is excited about the baby to be... although she mighta wished it to be a girl. Ha  She'll be like a momma to little Sawyer, no doubt. She's 14 goin on 30...mature gal. Proly knows more about pregnancy and caring for babies than me... ha 

That's kinda how the past two days went for me. Now let's brace up for some storms they say are coming - we may be in the basement next door for a spell...

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