Friday, January 27, 2012

this week in words

It's been one of those busy kinda weeks, ya know? 

Monday night Anthony went with a couple dudes to see Contraband. While he was gone, I went to a workout class my friend Angela invited me to. They did that Insanity DVD. Lemme tell ya, they named it right. It was insane. My face was red and my hair was wet like 15 minutes into it. But everyone else was lookin' kinda the same, so ... I hung in there. 
When I got home, I took my third shower for the day. I had run 2 miles at lunch so I got so sweaty doin that, it was time for Mister Soap to meet Miss Lyndy. *Side bar: I've apparently lost my loofah that usually lives in my gym bag. That stinks, especially when ya don't discover that said item is lost-o til you're in the shower-o. Ugh. 
But anywhooo, I got clean, Anthony liked his movie, so all's well... 
Tuesday night we went with Jason & Melissa to see Vandy beat the snot out of Tennessee in hoops. There were a few dunks by those nerds at Vandy so take that you orange lovin' Vols fans. Take summathat.

After the game, we went to this pizza joint their friends own. It was some smack ya momma good pizza.

 See? Can't ya almost taste it?

Last night we had to visit the local funeral home. Anthony's step brother had a 95 year old grandmother that passed away. It was one of those celebration type vibes though - she was 95 for cryin' out loud. What a good long life! 
After that we went out to a steakhouse with the inlaws. I opted for grilled pork chops and they were on point. Anthony and his mom had strip. Terry stuck with his standard fare - catfish, fried and fresh. Fries to the side. Do it Terry. Wish I could eat like that !
Ready for the weekend ?!  Yes ma'am I AMMMMM

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