Monday, January 2, 2012

weekend recap, just for you

I haven't got my "look back at 2011" post ready yet. Patience my child.

This is what we were up to over the weekend though.
Zac Brown Band concert
just for me - they lit up the stage purple cuz Zac & the boys know that's my favorite color... they like to please their favorite, most loyal, coolest fans

I think Jimmy spotted me and told Zac, which of course made Zac grin. He's my pal. Remember, last year he begged me to come watch his show. click here for the story from my blog post So this year I obliged.

 Me and my honey had a great time!

A day off
Took a day off Friday and we spent half the morning sleepin in, then we un-decorated the house. Buh bye Christmas trees and cutesy decor. We'll miss ya.

Tinsley will especially miss her "playground under the tree"
 So sorry little bow
Just one example of how Tinsley liked redesigning the gift wrap 
to have a more distressed, rugged look

Like many young uns at Christmas, she thought the tree boxes were fun

That night we went to Texas Roadhouse cuz I had a free appetizer coupon they emailed me for my birthday. Gotta get in some extra good (bad) meals before the New Year. he he he I was feelin brave so I asked Anth if he'd let me go in Ross. He did. And I found a dress for $14.99 and a pair of NY&Co slacks for $9.99. After that, we went to Bridgett & Brandon's grandparents' house for a while. 

Out with 2011 (thank God) 
and in with 2012
We went to a New Year's Eve gospel singing to hear Bridgett & Brandon and their fam sing. It wrapped up at 10 so after they tore down all the stage & equipment, we headed off to eat... 
Anthony and Bridgett have been wantin to go to Applebee's for a while, so we were glad they were still open late. Beats Ihop, which is where we were headed. When it struck midnight, we were eatin good in the neighborhood, stuffin our faces and grubbin like we had been on a 10 day fast. Lol 
Good times with good friends.

Birthday girl
Sunday was Bridgett's birthday so we went to Outback last night with this same crew plus a couple of her gal pals. I think Outback is overpriced and my hubby can grill a steak better than they can. Just sayin.

A shoppin we will go
Today we didn't have to work so Mom & I headed out to the mall. I snatched up some jeans on sale I was really needing wanting. And I returned a couple of things. Good intentions. People have good intentions. But sometimes they just miss the mark. It's all good though. 

It's freeeeezing cold and has been spittin snow today. North Face jacket Santa brought me sure came in handy! 
Supposed to be 60 by the end of the week. Really? What the crap?! I'm gonna need the weather to make up its mind. 

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