Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 - my 1st GOAL

If you know me, you know I'm pretty goal oriented. Funny too cuz I married somebody wonderful who's pretty much the opposite.

In 2011 I complained of boredom...a whole lot.... and I also should mention that my 2011 goal of writing people who have been special to me those nice thank you letters... I think I only made it about half the year doin' that, but hey, somethin's better than nuthin, right? 

But anyway, as we embark on this journey called 2012, I've decided my 1st goal is to train for a half marathon.

Scary stuff, I know.

I've never done it. Not even a race actually, unless the 50 yard dash on field day counts. The farthest distance I've ever run without stopping is 5 miles. 
F-i-v-e. Yeah, that comes right after 4. Haven't ever run 7 or 8 miles non-stop. Not even 10 or 11. Just 5. And in case you aren't in the know on halfies, they're 13.1 miles...

I've made statements like "that's just dumb to run that far, who would wanna do that?" "oh, she thinks she's all that cuz she did a marathon" and "whoopty doo" etc.  

Listen while I chew.
Those words.
Eatin em.

Maybe goal #2 for 2012 should be talk less and listen more 
(with a footnote: don't say dumb things that you might later regret)

So call me crazy, tell me I won't do it.
For now I'm focused, excited and driven to achieve this goal. 

Today we were off work so I went to Fleet Feet and got fitted for some Saucony running shoes. They're like heaven for feet. Seriously. 

I'll try to post once a week about my progress. Talkin to you guys about it will help me stay accountable. Plus I have a couple cheerleaders encouraging me on this journey. I love friends like that :-) 

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