Monday, December 12, 2011

News on the technology front

Indeed we did.

In the comfort of my pjs Thanksgiving night, circa 12:05 Lyndy went to a little place called the world wide web and purchased our household a lovely little high tech fancy dancy laptop. 

This was one of my teasers from the previous blog post. Wasn't it worth the wait?!

Yeah, we're doin big thangs.

We think we're pretty much the last people on the planet to get a laptop. And just to keep it real so you folks don't get the notion we are high fallutin the ole desktop computer was on its last leg, it had been saved once by our good friend B dubs and acted crazy more often than not of late. 

And I'm here to tell ya, you can just bury me 6 feet under if I ever lose all my pics. No bed of roses or satin needed...

And I did the nasty task this weekend - burned pics to DVDs and put em in the fire proof safe. Took sorta forever, but it had to be done.

So anyway... now, when ya read this here blog you can picture me somethin like this - - 

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