Monday, November 7, 2011

12 years of marital bliss, oh yessss

On November 6, 1999, my beloved & I stood before our family and closest friends to proclaim our love for one another and say those two little famous words, I DO.

They were probably glad cuz we dated 5 years and I think people were tired of waiting on us to jump the broom. :-P
November 6, 1999
the new Mr. & Mrs.

This one is Anthony's fave pic of us

Now let's fast forward the ole

November 6, 2011

A short trip down wedding memory lane...
During the ceremony, there was one point where my sweet daddy got a smidge choked up. I'm his baby girl ya see, the only daughter he ever did have and was the last birdie in the nest. Mighty special I am. ;-)

Kendall was the flower girl and her dress was almost just like mine, so presh...she tore her dress before the wedding and I kinda spazzed out. I thought I handled it well but my pals told me otherwise after the fact.

One of the candle lighter thingys didn't work so thankfully we had live music... Dana (our pianist) played Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss A Thing several times through while the ushers lit the candles. Ha! I never even knew about the mishap til we watched the vidjo.

McKenzie came to the wedding...she was a couple months shy of 2 years old and little squirt got so feisty & chatty during the ceremony Jen had to take her out.

We were sent off with bubbles... people still do that, so I guess we're not too old, huh? 

So anyway... we goofed and didn't put a lotta plannin into our 12th anniversary so we ended up just headin out to Cheddar's, one of my personal faves. Anthony's not so big on it, but he let me choose cuz he loves me. A lot.

Onion rings for appetizers & spectacles tee hee
I had steak. Anth chomped on ribs & chicken.

After we left the Ched the crazy car just turned itself into the nearby
Steak n Shake ... what a weird phenomenon...
I got a mint cookies 'n cream and Anthony stuck with his standard chocolate

We swung by the movies to see if we were lucky enough to hit it at the right time and hit it we did. . . with 5 minutes to spare... We watched that new flick with Justin Timberlake in it, In Time. It was super good. Maybe it wasn't the most romantical movie, but who cares?! I was with my man and bein with him beats anything else, even if it's a rock throwin, ya hear?

Hard to believe we been hitched 12 years. Geez time flies!

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