Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween festivities: Part I

Friday afternoon I got a text from Leslie (surprise #1, she rarely texts) sayin that they were havin Mom & Dad up for supper and we could come, too. Yay! Surprise #2 And we could carve pumpkins (surprise #3). Sweet!

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !

1 bein pickin out a pattern the boys would like
2 bein gettin the proper toolios
3 bein tapin the pattern to the punkin (not your glove Les!) and then a-carvin
Mario was Cullen's choice and Frankenstein was Cam's Not pictured here is Mom, our worthy assistant :-) And for the record I had the pumpkin with the thickest wall EVER!

At work we have a party and costume contest ...that was on Friday, too! I was pumped this year because I had seen this idea online a couple years ago and wanted to do it, but knew it was beyond my abilities. WAY BEYOND...

Bird in a cage

BUT since my daddy isn't pastoring full-time any mo, he has some extree time on his hands ya see... so his favorite daughter (yes, I'm the ONLY daughter he does have) asked him ever so nicely if he thought he could build this cage. He was up for the task! I just needed to find all the stuff. Not as easy as I'd thought, but I got it all. Hula hoop, wooden dowels, styrofoam topper (FYI styro is high-o!), tape, spray paint and some cardboard for the bottom. Mom was straight with the sewing project - got the feather boa at Party City and a shirt & skirt from Goodwill. Leggings were a $5 find on oh yeah!

Notice the bottom of my cage - newspaper... he he he MY idea... Mom said I should put the feathers in there like I was molting. I molted all over the office. We were still findin feathers TODAY.  lol

Mom did a fab job on the feather work and she gets 100% cred for the awesome headband - wanted you to see it cuz it was kinda hidden behind the big mask. Also wanted you to see my eyeshadow - top right inset - I striped it up! Yellow purple pink blue 

Anthony said I was crazy and thought I was askin too much of Dad to build this contraption, but... I bet his butt will sit in the Cracker Barrel rocker I won and enjoy a trip to the movies thanks to the passes I won. I love being #1.

Two of my best gal pals at the office are Brandi and Angela -

Brandi made a superb Hermione from Harry Potter
She MADE the hat. It is awesome!

And Angela was straight out the 70s !
Complete with pick in the fro.

Check back soon loyal readers - I'll post some pics of the trick or treaters we gave sugary candy to.

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  1. great costume! i was wondering what you were gonna be after you texted me.. but i was guessing a chicken! haha.