Saturday, September 17, 2011

It was a birthday surprise for Mom

    A few weeks ago I decided since my little momma's birthday fell on a Sairdee that maybe I oughta do her a little sumpinsumpin for her special day... So I started emailing and texting (cuz if ya know me, that's my fave way of communicating) and I checked with my aunts and cousin and sisters-in-law and niecey-poo to see if they could land at my pad that day for a surprise breakfast, brunch or lunch. The calendars were clear for breakfast so it was on like Donkey Kong!

    I emailed Daddy to get him in the loop and I waited til the last minute to call Mom. I said whatcha doin, she said we're going out for my birthday in a little while, I said but TOMORROW's your birthday, etc. etc. and then segued into why don't you let me take you to Cracker Barrel for breakfast for your birthday in the morning... she said she'd have to check with Dad to see if he had any plans. I really thought I was super smooth and she had not a clue bout my little scheme. A little while later she called me back and said she was cool with it. She said how bout I get to your house at 8:30? I stammered cuz see, I had told seven people 9 I was like uh welllll okaaaaay and she said or I can come at 8 and I said momma, ya know I ain't tryin to get up that early on a Saturday. So 8:30 it was. Immediately hung up from her and started calling the aunts and texting the sisters-in-law and niece. Whew. It's hard planning surprises and being the best daughter in the world.

    Of course when she rolled up in the driveway she saw strange cars and figured it out I reckon. As she walked up the sidewalk I opened the front door and said I TRICKED YA!!! She laughed and said I knew something was up because you called me last night before it was time for you to be off work. Oops, called from the HOUSE phone and not the cell. Mental note: don't do that next time! Oh well, she actually thought we were all meeting up at the Barrel so she had that part wrong.

    We gave her a few gifties and cards. She smiled a lot. Cuz we said nice, sweet, special things to her. My card went something like this: Mom, I think we both know I caused you a lot of grief growing up... but I think we can both look back on that and laugh now. Mom, are you laughing? Mom...Mom???? 
          I know - clever card cuz I'm a clever girl...

Here's what we grubbed on
Country ham & homemade biscuits (courtesy of my WONDERFUL mother-in-law)
Egg/sausage/hashbrown cheesy casserole
Sausage rotel cream cheese crescent roll thingy
Pigs in a blanket
Fruit (to help with the guilt factor from all pig & carb loading)
Apple dumplins
And I actually brewed coffee (courtesy of Jen, a sis-in-law on Anthony's side of the fam who loaned me the coffee pot...and the coffee... oh and the creamers too)

  This is our lovely group pic. Calendar worthy? Yes...
Leslie - take note cuz this one has GOT 2 B IN MOM'S CALENDAR, K?!

Other noteworthy mentionings -
  • I'm so OCD about things being hot and fresh that the night before I actually wrote a schedule for when each item should be put in the oven. And I stuck to it!
  • Earlier in the week I had written out a to do list of all the house cleaning items I wanted to get done. A couple didn't get done, but I hope my sweet fam didn't notice.
  • My dear husband pointed out how this day couldn't have been made possible without contributions from others. Not only did Janice cook the ham & bickets, I also borrowed her square table and folding chairs so we could all grub in the kitchen together. I don't mind people eating throughout the house, but we were tryin to fellowship! And I own coffee cups, but none of the rest of it. Ha! So Jen came through like a trooper. I love family that has stuff I need and can borrow. Oh and my friend from work loaned me those cutesy serving pieces.
  • I burned my arm on the oven gettin the pigs out. Didn't squat enough. What's funny is the mark is almost identical to one on my other forearm (almost exact same spot) from that time I was ironing the curtains and bumped my arm with the iron. I'm so dumb sometimes!
  • I NEVER say the blessing, but today I wanted to. I wanted the chance to tell God how special my mom is to us all and thank Him for her. And I meant all of it and more. She's awesome. And I love her a whole lot. And I'm glad we got to celebrate her birthday today.

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