Thursday, September 15, 2011


As promised.... let's call this a mini tour of our girls day out last Saturday (our meaning the gals at church)... and might I say the weather was PERRRRFECT!

Glendale, Kentucky has a lot of great little shops with lotsa stuff and
this little eatin' place called the Whistle Stop
(known for its fried green tomatoes) right by the tracks.
You can even take yourself a horse drawn carriage ride if you're so inclined.

I have a thing for hats... but I didn't buy one. When I showed Sasha the
sailor style hat pic, she said she had tried it on, too.
Good taste obviously runs in the fam. 

Three ladies had to skate on back home 'fore we got this pic.
Just pretend they're here, k?
Melanna and I are so cool we didn't take off our shades...celebs we are...

It was a tough decision, but I went with the pulled pork and mac n cheese. It was quite tasty. The cornbread was like the size of a humongo pancake.

My table got tickled and plum giddy when Heather said her roll looked like a booty... I think there was snorting and guffawing...
ya know how it is when somethin just hits ya funny

Let's call this my blackmail pic. Mom kept saying to delete this one, even told
Shan when she snapped a pic of us but noooo, no
little momma, this one's here to stay...

 Ain't it the truth?!

 Old barn wood nailed togethuh with a slappa paint on it and an old shirt - creative!

 Looks edible, but it ain't! This here's made o' wood yall !

 Snowmen are snow so special :-P

IF I were crafty, I'd make me some of these. Maybe give em to my friends, coworkers. Super cute. But I ain't that crafty.

Wish I coulda thought of a place in my abode to place this pic. It was soo lovely.

My only purchase of the day was a vintage necklace and earring set.
It was so cute I donned the necklace within 5 minutos of purchase.
Yep, right there on the street I put her on.
I already had on two necklaces, but they say the more the merrier, right?

This pic will likely end up in Mom's photo calendar.
Too bad Michelle couldn't come.
Maybe we can Photoshop her in.

It was a super fun day and we made memories. I hope we make it
an annual thing. There's just somethin special about a girls only trip
and all the girls being Christians.
People ya love.
Just special.
EXTREE special.

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