Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is what Saturdays are made for...

Got up and ran 3 miles. Now you're sayin' 'Good for you Lyndy.'
Went to swim with my sweetheart (the 3 yr old one, not my hunky hubby)

Went back that night to have grilled burgers (yum)...

And to play with stuffed animals, cars, dinosaurs, and playdoh (pretty much anything Riley wants to do)

This is what a Playdoh gun fight looks like.

And we watched a movie...the Unknown... and had awesome popcorn... what's a movie without popcorn?! and then there was apple pie (a la mode no less) and of course lotsa great fellowshippin' with our friendses...

Ahhh... this my friends...this is what Saturdays are made for.

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