Monday, June 20, 2011

A recap of Father's Day weekend

Go see this. We did. It was GREAT.

We went to O'chucks for Joey's (belated) birthday...
it mighta been his celebration, but I had some dessert to celebrate. he he he Those mini donuts are R-I-G-H-T! I mighta used my phalange to get every last drop o' that icing, but I'll never tell.

 And then there's the Father's Day stuff..

Anthony usually gets Terry a thing (?) of Copenhagen, but this year he threw in a can of peanuts. If you're a girl, you might be thinkin' to yourself, what a weird (or bad) gift. Terry's reaction? MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS!!!

I gave my daddy a goody basket bowl of coffee and stuff that goes with it like a Crossword puzzle book, some sugar free coffee cakes, his fave creamer (thanks Karen!) and a mug in his fave color ... I think he liked it, as much as you can like a sorta impersonal gifto... I'll do better next year Daddy. You rock! I just stink at creative gift giving. My card was real sweet - told him how even though I'm not a little girl any more, I'll always be his little girl. Mushy stuff like that. Cuz I love him and all...

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