Saturday, April 16, 2011

Road trip (but it's not what you're thinkin')

By now, you know I'm kinda in love with a little boy named Riley, right? Well, in case you didn't know, his mom is a GREAT friend o' mine, too. She had her spring choir show this week and asked me to sing Real Gone (from the Disney movie Cars, performed by Sheryl Crow) as a filler act. Of course I'm always up for singin' and an opportunity to dress the part AND of course a chance to see Riley... the show's theme was "Road Trip" and every song (in some way) had to do with travel. At the end of Life Is A Highway, guess who rode out in an authentic, one of a kind Lightning McQueen replica?!

Ok, so maybe it's not authentic or one of a kind, but it's flippin' cute when you put a sweet, adorable three year old boy in the driver's seat ain't it?!

You know there are Riley stories comin' right? When I got there and spied the boy I went up to him to get my hug. His first question: What are you doing here Lyndy? Second question: Where is Anthony? I told him he was coming later. He was mowing the yard...I immediately texted Anthony and said you better come, Riley's askin' for ya. So he came a little late. Anthony said when he got there and Riley spotted him he acted so surprised and ran right to him. Awwww
After I finished my song and returned to the seats, Riley was in Anthony's lap. Again, aww. Riley asked me, "Why are you dressed like Lightning?" I told him because I was singing his song. He scrunched his perfect little face up into a scowl and said "I don't like it. I want you to take it off." I laughed.

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