Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Retreat...why only once a year?!

So spring time is not only great because the weather is nice and God is showing his beauty through the beautiful blooms and things... it's also the time of year we have our annual ladies retreat at church! WoO hoO!

It's always a lot of fun and a great time to get closer to God (and to each other, you know, sisters in Christ).

Friday night we kept it casual... there was funny stuff...
 And games...

Ever try to pass a ball using only your armpits? It's harder than you think.

Ever unscrew an Oreo, stick the Oreo on your forehead (sticky side down) and try to wiggle and scrunch til it gets in your mouth so you can eat it? You can't use your hands by the way... it's not as easy as it sounds... 
Oh, and sorry about the Oreo breakin' out your forehead Bridge. My bad.
Ever pass an index card using only your mouth? It's waaay harder than you think. Sorry the germ-o-phobes didn't get to play this game. They missed out. Or did they? It was pretty stinkin' hilarious to watch... the gals looked like they was a-kissin' he he he

On to the serious stuff...

Our speaker was fantastic (a wonderful lady in our church) and the final piece was the thing that brought it all full circle. We were all asked to choose a cloth that represented something we were struggling with or something that someone we know was dealing with so that we could pray about it. One at a time we came up and attached the cloth to the robe of Jesus (played by our sweet sister, Debbie). After all, we're supposed to cast all our cares on Him, right? I chose the COMPLAINING cloth. I do that way too much. Lord forgive me!
There were things shared in this ultra mega super duper special time that I can't even really explain and probably shouldn't even try to. God was in that hotel in a mighty way that day and for that I'm thankful.
Hugs not drugs. This is Sharon - she was our speaker and that's her goody basket o' thanks. (Thanks Michelle for grabbing my camera and taking this un.)
And this blog entry would be like a cupcake without icing if I didn't show ya my bunch. This here's me, my mom, my two sisters-in-law and my niecy-poo. Ain't we cute?!

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