Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things I learned this weekend...

Things I learned this weekend:
  • I love birthdays, regardless of who's celebrating, as long as I'm invited along, too                                                                   GUESS WHO'S THREE?! Or should I say tres? Feliz cumpleanos Riley!
  • Cleaning house and working on the yard to prepare for hosting a thirty-one party poops ya out (but I'm always amazed at how many unfinished projects suddenly get done when I'm trying to prepare for company...e.g., those boxes of crap stuff that have been sitting in the spare bedroom for 3 1/2 years have been sorted, stored, trashed or given away...YAY me!)
  • If you run to Target without a shower you WILL run into someone you know, guaranteed!
  • Running into a friend at Target can be beneficial, if that friend happens to be the mother of a sweet boy whose birthday party is Sunday and lets you know you got a gift for him he already has. Operation switcheroo - ON!
  • Grilling steaks at home tastes way yummier than steak at a restaurant. Idk why!
  • Trying to take a picture of a "super moon" is not for this ole gal. I'd rather be curled up on the couch with my sweetie and/or the kitty
  • Getting in bed late two nights in a row makes Lyndy morph into a grumpy gus
  • Kid's birthday parties are fun, especially when they're outside and it's an unusually warm, gorgeous spring day
  • You must DUCK when you're climbing in a jungle gym. They're not designed for people over 42 inches tall. You will hit your head and you will get a goose egg, which will hurt for 3 days (so far)...
  • Sometimes you just gotta go for the gusto and order some sugary, calorie ridden pancakes for dinner at the Barrel (life is too short to always eat healthy) Oh and don't forget the bacon!
  • And it's possible to feel like you're stuck in a belt. Yes, I said a belt. As in the kind that you wear. With jeans. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my American Eagle jeans, but I don't think they'd like it at work if I wore 'em every day. Forever. . . after about 5 minutes I got the doggone thing off. It was upside down. And belts ain't meant to be upside down people. (Does this make you feel better about yourself? I also routinely forget to zip my pants. I don't know why. It's a mental lapse I guess. Thank goodness for long shirt tails.) 

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