Sunday, March 27, 2011

my thirty-one party

So about 20 friends and family (of the female kind) piled into my house Friday night for a thirty-one party. Thirty-one started out with a lady who wanted to help busy moms (like herself) shop for cute things and maybe even help their families out by earning a little extra dough. She called it thirty-one because of Proverbs 31... shouldn't we all strive to be that woman? Read it if you haven't. It'll inspire ya.

So anyway... the party was pretty fab. You shoulda been there. I loved hangin' out with my gal pals and eatin' and playin' and laughin' and stuff.
 a whole lotta shoppin' goin' on

I kinda ended up being a babysitter a good part o' the night, which was fine by me.
I loves the kiddos! My friends have some sweetie pies, too! And it's so cool how the three, who had previously never met, played so well together. Adults could sure take a lesson from these toddler-poo's.
Oh and of course you know how it goes - you work and stress, spend days getting ready for a thing like this and wouldn't ya know it? After everyone was gone (except 2 or 3) I see some dust I missed on the outside edge of the stairs (you know, the little edge past the spindles) and wanted to die. Maybe no one noticed!  Then the next day I realized there was a little dust and/or a bit of a spidey web on the light fixture above the kitchen island. My hope is that the gals were more fixated on what lay beneath the light: the lasagna, garlic bread, taco soup, sausage rotel crescent thingy, oreo balls, chocolate chocolate chip muffins and key lime pie instead of that pesky overlooked cleaning mistake. hehe

Now to decide what to choose for my thirty-one freebies. Decisions, decisions...

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