Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

It's Christmas...for a little while longer... it has snowed all day (it started last night). This is the view from our back porch (sorry folks, that's as far out as I was willing to go in my pjs) -

We actually started celebrating Christmas last Saturday night with Anthony's bunch. . . we had yummy food, as usual, and we enjoyed talking and laughing together.

On Christmas Eve morning, we had breakfast at Anthony's mom's house with all her brothers and their families. (Sorry, no pics)
And then on Christmas Eve night we always celebrate with my family. As you can see, my clan is a buncha nuts! We always play games and act silly. If I had to pick the craziest one, it would be tough... it just depends on the night... but I sure do love 'em!

And as y'all know, Anthony and I don't have any kiddos yet... so our cat is kinda like our kid. Well, last year, she was still a kitten so she got "a pass" on her bad behavior with our Christmas tree. . . she almost knocked it over the FIRST NIGHT and later that week chewed a strand of lights in two. Thankfully, the lights were turned off for the night. (She used to get really wild late at night when we were sleeping.) And then there was the laying on packages, Tinsley, a shirt box is NOT a cat recliner.

Well, this year, her "thing" has been to chew on the corners of the wrapped boxes. Oddly enough, she didn't bother the gift bags and tissue paper. I had to rewrap a couple packages and just apologized for some that didn't get rewrapped... And she knocked off an ornament one day and used it like a soccer ball, batting it around the floor with her paws. Oh, and then there was the spare light she found somewhere; she was tossing it around last night. So anyway, I thought all of that warranted a photo collage for this here blog. he he She's a mess!

Anthony's work Christmas party was a few Saturdays ago and they had a pretty good lookin' Santa that they let us get a pic with.

Well, I must confess I've been pretty lazy today, but I'm giving myself a break because it feels like I've been in a dead sprint the last two weeks trying to get ready for Christmas. I'd like to proudly proclaim that today I had two, yes TWO naps. Some of you are jealous right now. ;-) The only productive things I did today were: putting away Christmas wrap, tissue, ribbons, etc. and most of our gifts (I can now see our kitchen table), making Oreo balls and I did manage to bathe. ha

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU JESUS for giving us a reason to celebrate!

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