Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time travel...Lyndy's childhood

Today, in an effort to be more entertaining, we're going to do a bit of time travel... Yes folks, we're travelling back to Lyndy's childhood. I have a few random stories/memories I'll share today, just cuz that sounds fun.
How did I learn to ride a bike? Now I'm sure I had some help along the way, but my memory of actually LEARNING goes back to the hill behind our house. I remember my oldest brother Jonathan (who's a whole decade older than me, gosh he's ancient LOL) helping me. We'd go up to the top of the hill at the back of our yard and he'd hold the back of my bicycle seat and kinda hang on a few seconds and let me go. I'd fall a lot, but eventually I figured out the balancing thing. After that, I lived on my bike! I remember one time I was "big" and decided to go between the trees and ride on the dirt jump Jonathan and Trevor had built. Well, that day I was riding a ten speed (a boy's bike) and let's just say when I came down off the ramp, it was an ouchie! I didn't realize I needed to kinda stand up and brace for the landing. Oh well...
A cool cat story, well two cat stories - When I was little, Daddy drove a school bus (in addition to pastoring a church) and one day our cat had a litter of kittens IN HIS BUS! ha LOOK!
Another time, our momma cat had a litter of kittens behind our (floor model) tv in the living room. And folks, this wudn't no house cat. She snuck in, like a thief in the night, and had those baby kitties. It was so crazy! Half my childhood was spent huntin' for kittens and tryin' to hold 'em.
Last story - WARNING: this is not for those with a weak stomach! One night Jonathan dared Trevor to drink a whole pitcher (maybe a 1/2 gallon) of Kool Aid. Boys are so dumb! Well, of course Trevor did it. This is the guy who used to put a WHOLE Big Mac in his mouth just for laughs... Anyway, late that night there was a commotion... and me being the nosy kid I was, I got up to survey the situation. This is so funny, Trevor had gotten a little sick in the night with all that red Kool Aid rollin' around in his tum-tum and he barfed that up, along with his supper, which as I recall included macaroni. HAHA It was EVERYWHERE in the floor beneath their bunk beds. It still cracks me up thinkin' back to that... sorry if you're weak stomached and this is makin' ya gag. I warned ya.
More to come...

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