Sunday, October 24, 2010

SEC football in living color

Last night we went to the Vandy/South Carolina football game. It was pretty fun. We got there early, of course, cuz that's how we roll... but that gives us time to scope out things, get a pic or two :-) and just chillax before kickoff.
Bless the guy who took this pic for us. I asked him to get the Vanderbilt logo in the shot and he halfway laid down on the seat to get the shot (meanwhile giving everyone a laugh in our section) and then he gave me back my camera, asking if that was "all right" and I said uh, no, not really. Anthony probably wanted to kill me. I said can you sit here (where I originally told him to sit) and zoom in a bit? He apparently had never touched an SLR camera (with a detachable zoom lens) because I had to tell him how to zoom it. (sigh) I forget everyone isn't obsessed with photog like me. But all's well that ends well. I got a cute pic with my man.

Before the game the guys warm up on the field and all so I walked down and got some good close-ups. Anthony had to tell me who to take pics of cuz I don't know anything about football or the Gamecocks. 

I was surprised the Gamecocks apparently bring their own chairs from South Carolina for the game...

I was proud of myself when I recognized Coach Spurrier on my own. :-P

Here's how it looked when the Commodores took the field. Kinda cool!

It was actually a good game, with Vandy getting the first TD and then SC tied it up. There was this CRAZY Vandy FAN in our section wearing a fanny pack and headphones that kept yelling out stuff to the refs and all, but he quieted down around the third quarter. 
Anthony was happy the Gamecocks secured a victory. 
Oh, and a shout out to Ritt, who sold us his tix. He was off in Disney World with his beloved wife and that's how we enjoyed the game at the 40 yard line. Sweet!

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