Monday, April 8, 2013

Twitter bliss

If you know me, you know I refuse to join the gazillions of folks on Facebook. 
But I did sign up for a Twitter account about a year and a half ago because of a little friend of mine we'll call Pinterest. (ahem) 
Of course sometime after I joined the Pinterest community, they opened it up for everyone (no invite required) and you didn't have to link to it via Facebook or Twitter. (sigh) 
Well I grew to enjoy Twitter nonetheless. It's a cool way to keep up with church news. And it's also a really cool connection with certain celebrities. 
Celebs post pics of their families, pets, homes, etc. Some will even post exclusive stuff like videos not yet released or links to a sale on some of their stuff. It's really cool. They may do similar stuff on Fb, but I wouldn't know. ;-) 
You can tell when a celeb has their publicist tweeting for them. And you can tell when it's really the celeb.
Martina McBride, for example, appears to tweet for herself. 
Today she tweeted something about her Vine app not working, asking if anyone else was having the same prob. I tweeted and said (oh so cleverly) 
My Vine is workin fine! #heythatrhymes 
Then I thought to myself, here's a chance to possibly get a reply tweet from somebody I really dig. YOLO right?  ;-)
So I tweeted Martina and said: 
You don't know I exist but I'll tweet ya anyway. Saw you at the Opry last fall & loved you! You've stood the test of time!

She tweeted me a reply that simply said: thank you!!!
I do like that she took the time to type not one, not even two, but THREE exclamation points. I think that means something. lol

Moving on...

So tonight Darius Rucker (now a country artist, but in the 90s he was known as "Hootie" of the band Hootie & the Blowfish) was on Twitter and I saw another opportunity.

He was replying to a lot of fans (like he routinely does) and I seized the moment. 

My first attempt: Why do you tweet everyone on earth but me?! I've loved your music since the 90s man! #showsomelovetoafan


Then I googled "little known facts about Darius Rucker." 

Second attempt: In a dare you went 4 days w/no sleep, huh? I DOUBLE DARE YA TO TWEET ME BRO!!!

              replied - - 
True. Awful time. Hammered. That's 25 years ago.

And that friends, is why I love Twitter. I may never get to chat with my fave actor or singer in person, but sometimes I get their attention on "the Twitter machine."
That is all.

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  1. That's cool! Ren refuses for me Twitter account. She says when too many parents and adults start something it's time to move on to something else - and she'd like to keep tweeting for a while. lol