Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Growin' up too fast

I'm feelin a bit nostalgic... 

Since I don't have kids of my own sometimes I kinda feel like the nieces and nephews in the fam are mine. 

I don't like how fast they're growin' up. Remember, my niece is married and pregnant with twins. Whaaaat??? And her brother is off in the Army doing his civic duty. 

But this one... 
  Cullen loves some basketball, always has - just like his dad (my brother)
This little 5th grader has grown a bit, wouldn't ya say?  
He's a freshman now and measuring at about 6' tall

Now Cullen's got a deeper voice, a cell phone and a little hair on his upper lip... oh me!

But he's really a good kid. Does well in school and stays out of trouble. Teachers love him.

I love him and his little brother a whooooole lot! I'll dig up some pics of Camden for a future post.

I have so many sweet memories of the boys coming to our house and playing and spending the night and being cute and rowdy and funny and crazy... 

but now they're big boys busy growin' up and not needing us as much. (sad) But that's okay. They're still the coolest boys I know and will always be tops with us! 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Well you've come to the end of memory lane. Thank you for joining me today. 

That is all.

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