Sunday, April 22, 2012

A luncheon, a bday party, a Riley visit & a new boss - OH MY!

Lemme catch you up. 

Cuz I know you're dying to hear about all the shtuff I we been doin. 

~Ladies luncheon~
Last Saturday Mom, Bridgett and I attended a ladies luncheon with some church ladies. 
No, not that church lady. 

Anyway, the guest speaker was great. She lost her husband unexpectedly last year and is raising her three kids with God's help of course, and pastoring her departed husband's church. I'm not getting into the debate about whether or not women can pastor and/or preach. 
It was a nice luncheon and we were blessed by her. Pray for her. 

My favorite part of the meal was the carrot cake I had for dessert. Thought you should know that. Since I ran 10 miles that morning, I felt like I kinda earned that sugary sweetness.

~Avery's 1st birthday~
Event #2 of the ole agenda for last Saturday was for this little fella...
Since Avery turned 1 his mommy & daddy had him a birthday party. And since we're friends with em, they invited us. Even though we don't have kids.  :-P
Kyla's mom made the cake. Isn't it great? I was impressed! If you gave me a tube of icing, I'm pretty sure that brown, um it'd turn out lookin like a big pile of poo 'stead of a cute little monkey. And who'd wanna eat a birthday cake that looks like poo? Nobody. That's who.
Clint is Avery's dad. Clint's been buds with my hub since they were proly in diapers. He's good people. 

~a Riley visit~
Tuesday night at our house, there was dancin.
I probably shouldn't have, but I joined in.
Ya see, I can't dance. As in 

I was so bad Anthony made me go into the bedroom to watch myself in the mirror. I laughed at myself. A lot. 
We were workin on puzzles and Riley just climbed on my back. Just like that. Cuz 4 year olds are unpredictable.
After Riley left, Anthony said Riley's a happy kid, isn't he? I said yeah, he is. I think this shot kinda supports that theory, don't you?! 
~a new boss~
So Wednesday, my new boss started. She's an attorney. I've been working for attorneys since '97. I'm a paralegal in case ya didn't know and/or you care. That lends itself to working with attorneys. (chuckle) Anyway, the new boss seems pretty nice. I'm sure she'll soon figure out how very awesome I am. ;-)
Last but not least, yesterday I woke up a little sickly. Sore throat, sinus pressure, etc. so I wasn't able to make it to my friend Heather's outdoor wedding. Doggone weather and allergies. :-( 
I'm sure she got hitched just fine. I'll apologize to her once she returns from her tropical paradise honeymoon.  

Well folks that's a recap of the goings on with me and the hub for the last 7 or 8 days. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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  1. That last shot of Riley is adorable. He is a cutie-patootie!