Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness Week


It's Random Acts of Kindness Week dontcha know?!

RAK by me for others
0 Held the door for a coworker walkin up behind me
Smashed the trash down in the ladies room so it wouldn't overflow yo
Let my friend ride with me to the gym at lunch
Warned my coworkers about a not so luscious smelling ladies room
Kept Dawson a while Tuesday night (*yes Valentine's) & fed him so Christy and her boyfriend could visit the new babe in the fam AND go to dinner... more on the new babe later
Made coffee (I don't drink coffee)
Made dinner for the parents & sibs of the new babe in the fam

RAK bestowed upon little old me
My friend (the gym carpooler) gave me some fresh cherries she had bought mmm
She also laid a mat out for me in our gym class
My running friend loaned me her Garmin running watch to test drive

So get out there before the week is up and get to bein' randomly kind ! ! ! ! ! ! 

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