Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We made MEMORIES at the beach-yo!

And lemme tell ya BEEEEAUTIFUL it was...Fort Walton Beach is my kinda place, oh yeeeah.

I love fences along the sand dunes. Maybe I should've scooped up summathat sand and smuggled it back to the hills o' Tennessee, slung it in my back yard and put me up a fence... it's just a thought...

This here is the whole crazy crew. Anthony's parents, the sis and her 8 yr old, the stepbro and his fam-uh-lee. . .
they were pretty good company for the trip.
Mental notes: Ocean breeze interferes with hairdos and dresses... my dress kept gettin' poofy on me and made me look larger than life. Not cool. Next time will def pack tripod cuz if you know me, you know I HATE givin' my cam to anyone, especially an untrained stranger, and you never get the pic you want unless you take it yourself...but at least we memorialized the occasion and got a decent group pic.
Please know more pics and stories to will get tired of hearin' bout our vacay. I will proly annoy ya with my hilarious tales and colorful anecdotes, but if you enjoy 'em, post me a comment.

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