Friday, July 8, 2011

Let freedom ring...

I'm sure every blogger has already posted their 4th of July weekend recap except me. I'm a loser. For someone who often complains of boredom, I catch myself saying how bizzy I am an awful lot lately... but any the whooo

Had a few late nights over the weekend for a couple reasons. A friend had some relationship woes that wise ole Anthony & Lyndy (aka relationship experts-wink, wink) had to sorta counsel her through. And when I say late, I'm just sayin' this ole gal ain't stayed up til 2 am since Friends was still airing first run epis, ya know what I mean? Anyway, all is well in lover's lane. Hmm, maybe we should start charging for our services. ha

Anth went to U2 Saturday night. Been talkin' bout it ever since. Glad he went. It was epic (so I'm told).
When he took off for that, I went to swim with Lisa & Riley (always fun) and when I got done with that, I ran me 5 miles (cuz I love the good feelin' after a run) and then I settled into the recliner for a little mind numbing tv. I had every intention of doing some scrapbooking, but I was mighty pooped. I fell asleep sometime after midnight (couldn't hold out for the hubby's return)... and btw, if you fall asleep watching Ice Cream Unwrapped on Food Network you will dream about milkshakes. Trust me.

Sunday night was our church pic-uh-nic and far-works. It was right nice. Had myself a goot ole time. Riley poo came and I played with him and snapped his pic a few dozen times.

Good times, it was good times I tell ya.

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