Saturday, March 12, 2011

House full o' boys

So I'm a week late. Oh well.
This is what our house looked like last Saturday night...
Believe it or not, Anthony requested I take this pic. WOW! After years of complaining about pics... maybe there's a glimmer of hope.

Monopoly takes too long to play. Case closed.
A cat's toy ball is also suitable for boys...

Is it just me or does almost every boy spend countless hours playing video games?

And thanks to technology (and the world wide web) there are games online as well. Lucky us.

Happiness comes when the rowdy sweet nephews go home (kidding)...
we really wouldn't mind if they came over every weekend.


  1. your hair looks cute.. are you growing it out?

  2. Yeah, just the layers... I'm working toward a "pixie cut" so I can switch it up a bit. Thanks for noticin!